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2013 SullenToys Custom Contest

Welcome to the third SullenToys Custom Contest!

Enclosed in this album you will find 15 custom Living Dead Dolls. Names, additional pictures, and poems (if created) can be viewed by clicking on each picture. Please carefully review each doll and vote for your favorite here:

**Voting is now closed**

Voting begins NOW and closes on 10/14/13 at midnight PST. Please only vote one time for one doll.

As a reminder only boardies that meet the following criteria may vote:

-You must have registered for the forums prior to 5/1/2013 and have a post count of 30 or more to be eligible to vote. Votes from boardies that do not meet these requirements will not be counted.

-The 1st Place winner will receive ONE Series 7 Resurrection Variant and...

-The 1st place winner will ALSO receive a commissioned custom drawing of a Living Dead Doll by the amazing Sour Girl. You will choose the doll and she will draw it for you. A sample of her art can be found via the "Custom Dolls & Artwork" album.
Sour Girl is amazingly talented and we are honored to have her contribute to the contest this year.

-Runner up prizes will be determined at the close of the contest. *IF* Sour Girl wins 1st prize then the 2nd place custom creator will win the drawing of their choosing by Sour Girl and a living dead doll of our choosing.

- The winner will be asked to email us a photo of their doll with their boardie name written next to it for verification.

-Runner up prizes will be decided at the close of the contest. Please note the above prizes are for the 1st place winner and any runner up will be asked to email us a photo of their doll with their boardie name written next to it for verification.

-Comments can be made by clicking on individual photos within an album. Please comment with the utmost respect for the artists that created dolls for this contest. No rude and/or disrespectful comments will be tolerated.

-The creators of each doll will be disclosed once voting has ended.

- The fine print: This contest is not affiliated with Damien, Ed, Mezco, or the Living Dead Dolls brand in any way. It is a contest run by boardies for boardies. A special thanks to DoggiePants for allowing us to host this contest again.

-Prizes provided by Louis and AliceinWonderland