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Living Dead Dolls Handmades


These customised craft dolls were individually created by Ed Long and/or Damien Glonek. The original handmade dolls did not have names, but can be identified by their design and costuming. The following dolls can be linked to dolls which were put into mainstream production:

* Sadie = A black-haired girl doll in a black dress with a white collar, very like Wednesday Addams. The handmade Sadie is perhaps the most commonly seen handmade.
* Posey = A long-haired, usually blonde, girl doll in a long nightgown.
* Sin = Superficially similar to Sadie, but with a red dress, devil horns and a tail.
* Bad Habit = A doll dressed as a nun.
* Eggzorcist = A doll wearing a bunny suit. She was first made as a gift to Ed Long's then girlfriend, who returned the doll when the relationship broke up.

These early handmade dolls have not been made as mainstream Living Dead Dolls as of January 2009:

* Unnamed witch doll = A doll dressed as a witch, with a pointed hat.
* Tall Lady = Some handmades used a taller, more adult-figured craft doll. Due to their height, these dolls are called Tall Ladies by collectors.
* Candy Rotten = The only handmade to have a name, this was a punk doll with a burning heart tattooed on her chest and candyfloss-coloured hair.

Handmades (post-2001)

After the dolls went into production, it was possible to request custom handmades directly from the creators. These custom handmades originally cost $666 apiece, later increased to $800. A custom handmade was the prize available to anyone who opened one of the five Series 5 blood-spattered chase dolls. In about 2004, Long & Glonek announced on the Mezco message boards that they would no longer accept commissions or make handmades to order, but would instead occasionally offer handmade dolls on eBay to the highest bidder.