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Sinister Minister & Bad Habit - Black

Date of death: 12/25/1966

This gruesome twosome
Have a dark obsession.
With an incense burner and rosary beads,
They want your confession.

Sinister Minister and Bad Habit
Righteously struck down by lightning,
They rose again fast and frightening.
This blasphemous boy and demented sister,
Have a habit that's bad and a sermon quite sinister.

Three versions of the Sinister Minister and Bad Habit 2-pack were released. Toy2R in Hong Kong offered 999 individually numbered bloody sets garbed in red (Sinister Minister also has horns in this version). The other 2 versions (all black, all white) were available through Spencer Gifts. The white set was issued after the black set sold out in record time to meet consumer demand.